Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Living alone for the first time. Got lost for about 3 hours, eventually made it home. Made a mate! Who knew, he would be my best friend for the next two years :)

Dating back to when I arrived. April 2015. I was put into a small one person apartment in a place called Higashi Funabashi (East Funabashi). No wifi and a place where no one spoke English, (I was also visa-less at this time) - being lost was an understatement. Anyway, got my visa sorted, did some shopping and then got lost on the way home for 3 hours resulting in getting a taxi without knowing my full address! This was when the initial "shit what am I doing" feeling set in. Fast forward to me meeting friends, fellow teachers and discovering the poison that is a "strong can" 9% alcohol in a can for under ¥200 (about €1.50) the temptation was too much!

I had my first week of training, meeting a bunch of fellow teachers, just like me. Discovering Japan and Tokyo in particular. Was comforting to know that everyone was in the same boat as me. I Started work straight away on 1st of April (luckily Japanese people don't know what April fools day is!

Time flew by and in a couple of weeks we had golden week. This is a week in May that is a national holiday. Lots of festivals and generally known for being a busier season in Japan. This is when Anna visited! ~~~

From the Beginning


OK, lets start with the basics. Why Japan?

- Final Fantasy and Pokemon Thanks to my bro
I've been obsessed from a young age.

- Harajuku In my mind it was always a dream, shopping online & always finding the coolest shit

- Ninja's and Samurai's Who isn't interested in Japanese culture?? and plus SUSHI <3

2 Years Later

Hi ya'll

I've been living in the greater Tokyo area for almost 2 years now. (FUNABASHI) Funabashi has been the most amazing place I've ever lived in, ignoring the fact it's not "actual Tokyo" I fucking love it. The friend's that I've met, the closeness to the bars and the people there and also around them. I wish I started this blog sooner. Who knew what my adventures I would have.

I wish I started writing about this sooner, but honestly - I've been having way too much fun.

Welcome to my blog :)